Cat fabric Maneki Neko, Asanoha

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Japanese cat pattern fabric

  • Japanese fabric geometric pattern Asanoha and asian cat Maneki Neko
  • Thin thin cotton fabric
  • Without gilding, the contrast with the colors is done by geometric lines of off-white color forming stars at their crossings.
  • This pattern is called Asanoha. * Although Asanoha is a traditional Japanese motif, this design is now widely used on non-native fabrics from Japan
  • The cats on this fabric are a representation of Maneki Neko (see note below)
  • No particular difficulties for this fabric. However, be careful not to rely on the geometric line for cutting this fabric, better use a measuring tool adapted for this purpose
  • Ideal fabric for creations of all sizes and suitable for both children and adults

Cultural note:

Maneki Neko is very present in Chinese and Japanese culture. It is the representation of a cat raising one of its two legs or sometimes both.

In Asian culture having a Maneki Neko would bring the good omen, such as luck or fortune. It is not uncommon to see this figurine in front of the entrances of traders. The side or paw of the cat gets up indicates the augur it is supposed to bring.

On this fabric, the Maneki Neko is represented in these 3 possible positions: the left or right leg raised but also the two sets.


  • Origin of the fabric: Japan
  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Size of a cat: 4x4cm
  • Our fabrics are sold without cuts (of 1 whole piece) and by multiple of 50x106cm


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