Our shipping costs - Mitsukatta

Mitsukatta - Nihon Shiki is a Japanese company located in Japan.

  • All our orders are shipped by post with tracking number and made by the Japanese Post.Please see the official rates below.

Note (1): Japan Post's rates fluctuate according to the area of ​​residence and the weight of the parcels.

* Attention, the japanese post office by weight and to the nearest gram using the term "up" (Up to 100gr, up to 150gr, up to 400gr, etc ...)

Examples: From 301 gr., the applied rates are in the range "400 gr."

** By default, our entire site practices tariffs in Yen. If you place a basket in a currency other that the Yen, please note that depending on the exchange rate, the conversion of our rates and shipping costs applied by the Japan Post can be different from one day to another.

  • The Japanese Post charges its rates in Yen. They are fixed and can not be changed

Japan Post's official tariff schedule (Japan Post) for follow-up mailings: (Scroll to the bottom of the information page and consult the official tariff grid corresponding to your area of ​​residence)


** Customs Information Reminder:

  1. Shipping costs are charged by the seller
  2. Import fees are billed to customers by the customs clearance office. TheCustoms duties or additional duties charged by the customs clearance office must always be the responsibility of the customer.