FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is automatically translated from our native Japanese language to the reader's language of translation. If you wish, you can report a translation error or misunderstanding by contacting us You can consult it by clicking here. or by writing an email to contact@mitsukatta.com

1) In which country are our fabrics made? For each of our fabrics and products, we have specified the places of manufacture in their respective product sheets.

2) From which country are the orders shipped? All orders are shipped from southern Japan in Fukuoka Prefecture.

3) Which carrier do you use to ship your orders anywhere in the world? We use only the services of the Japanese Post which works in relay with the postal services of the other countries of the world.

4) What are "average" delivery times for an order?

  • The postal delivery times indicated below are established by mail Japanese and confirmed by our experience on our various sites sellers. However, we bring to your attention that regardless of our willingness a routing may be slowed down or on the contrary be faster than expected. It is therefore important that our customers follow the routing of their orders so as not to be caught off guard by exceptionally shorter or longer deadlines.

* In general order routing from Japan to some countries takes on average a duration of:

- Japan: 1 4 days in

- Korea, China: 6 10 days in

- England, United States, France, Belgium and Hawaii: 1 to 2 weeks

- Poland, Finland, Germany and Denmark: 2 to 3 weeks

- Canada, Italy, Australia, Spain, New Caledonia: 2 to 4 weeks

- Other English, French and American seabelt territories: 3 to 4 weeks

* The delivery times indicated above take effect from the day of shipment of orders. (Shipping confirmed by email to our customers).

Note: Depending on your country of destination, please take into account the particular events that can significantly slow down the delivery of your order such as end-of-year holidays, bridges and holidays, school holidays, holidays. strikes but also natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions blocking air traffic, hurricanes, typhoons and other storms, ...

In this regard, we bring to your attention that Japan may be subject to various natural disasters including typhoons.

In the event of a typhoon in Japan, rail and air traffic are interrupted. In this case, we take the responsibility to ship orders with 2,3 or 4 days late so that the routing of these is carried out in the best possible conditions. (Give priority to shipping orders AFTER a typhoon has passed, it is to ensure our customers receive an order in good condition and without risk of loss during its routing).

5) How can I track the delivery of my order? All our orders without exception are shipped with a tracking number to allow our customers to follow the routing of orders. The tracking numbers are available on the postal service websites of the receiving country.

  • Note: Some countries block the tracking of packages from abroad. In this case, you can track your package on independent sites and specialize in tracking mail or contact us so that we can provide you with the missing information.

6) Where can I find my tracking number? Your tracking number will be emailed to the email address you specified when creating your account. It will be communicated to you in the mail which will confirm theexpedition of your order.

7) The tracking number of my order does not exist, what can I do? In this case, it is a writing error and we invite you to contact us.

8) Is my order insured in case of loss? Yes, all orders made in our shop are insured without exception in case of loss and whatever the amount. In case of proven loss of an order during its routing (Tracking number as proof), a search procedure with our insurer will be conducted to unblock the package to reach you if however it is found. Notes: In the case of a loss proven by the insurer, the refund will be made within a maximum of 60 days.

  • An order whose tracking number indicates that it has been received can not under any circumstances be the subject of a request for redirection or refund. (See paragraph 15)

9) Your shipping costs are high, can I get a discount or benefit from cheaper order shipping? No, we bring to your attention that our rates are in agreement with Japan Post and that their official rates are available from this site, tab "Our Shipping"

11) What do your shipping costs include? Our shipping costs include a mode of sending the orders in followed mail or by registered mail. This means that without exception all of our orders are shipped with a tracking number. These terms of delivery include delivery by the postal services within the deadlines we have announced in paragraph 4, an international tracking number (that is to say searchable from Japan to the region or country of reception). For delivery by registered mail, a personal delivery against signature and a loss insurance covering all orders (shipping included) is taken into account.

11) The tracking of my order remains in neutral. It has not changed for several days, what's going on? In this case, it is mainly the waiting for verification at airport customs controls. It can take several days or even weeks depending on the time of year and the workload of the customs officers. For the same reasons, the postal sorting centers of the receiving country can also be slowed down especially during the holidays. However, it happens much more often that it is the Internet site of the post office which is not up to date. In the latter case, the tracking of your order seems delayed when it is not.

11) Will I have to pay customs fees? No, they are not systematic and depend on different parameters. For more information on this topic, we advise you to consult the website of your customs office.

11) I had to pay a customs fee to receive my order when I already paid for shipping, can I get a refund or a commercial gesture from you? No. The shipping costs are charged by the seller and import taxes are billed by the customs clearance office. These are 2 different and distinct services not to be confused. Therefore, the customs duties or additional duties requested by the Customs Clearance Office are always the responsibility of the customer.

11) I have not received my order, when should I worry? If you reside in Japan, you can contact us within 1 week after shipping your order. If you live in a country other than Japan, given the distance, orders may take some time to be routed. We advise you to report a late delivery from 4 weeks after shipping your order. The delivery of mail depends not only on the traffic around the postal sorting centers of the sending country and then the receiving country, but also on air traffic. We invite you to consult the paragraph 4 to know the average time of a routing towards your region or country. We recommend you to consult the tracking number of your order on the website of your post. Finally, if after 6 weeks you still have not received your order, (Tracking number as proof) we will offer you to choose between a full return of our order at our expense or a full refund of your order.

  • An order whose tracking number indicates that it has been received can not under any circumstances be the subject of a request for redirection or refund. (See paragraph 15, just below)

Natural disaster:

Japan being subjected to various natural disasters during 1 year of which more particularly typhoons and earthquakes. We accept our responsibility if an order remains blocked on the Japanese territory.

- Beyond 3 weeks of retention on Japanese soil, we are committed to refund our customers the amount of shipping costs incurred by them

- Beyond 6 past weeks of retention on Japanese soil, we undertake to refund our customers the total amount of orders and shipping costs incurred by them

11) I have not received my order but my tracking number indicates that my order has been received, can I get a re-dispatch of an order or a refund from you? In this case, the tracking number is the proof (proof office that the order has been received).

* If the tracking of your order indicates that it has been received / delivered:

  • We will not return this order again
  • We will not refund the value paid for this order
  • We will not refund the shipping costs.

11) Can I return my entire order or just a few items without justification (Satisfied or refunded guarantee)? All orders without exceptions can be returned to us within the deadlines of return conditions outsourced and in accordance with the applicable conditions of sale au Delivery country. Example: You have passed an order for you or for a third party for it to be delivered in Belgium. The terms of the applicable return conditions will be those of Belgium even if you reside in another country. (The date of receipt of the order indicated by the tracking number will prevail and the time to return this order will start on the same date).

11) If I return my order, can I ask for a full refund or exchange (Money Back Guarantee)? Yes, we accept returns and exchanges.

  • Conscious that a purchase on the internet is not always easy, your return order will be refunded to you with the unconditional shipping costs, except in the following cases:

1. The returned item no longer corresponds to its original condition (Example: The fabric has been cut, soiled, scented, etc ...) Orderexchangeable, non-refundable


To be sure to take care of the items to return to us as well as their packaging and their conditions of return, is to be assured (e) to be refunded (e)


2. The return period of your order in accordance with your country of receipt is exceeded (Order tracking number being taken as proof): Non-exchangeable, non-refundable order

3. An order that was not returned to us: Orderexchangeable, non-refundable

4. Sale items, promotional offers: Order is exchangeable, non refundable

5. Articles (Fabrics, bias, ribbons, papers, and others ...) whose measures have been cut at the request of the customer: Non-exchangeable, non-refundable order. (Example, you order 70cm of bias. The bias will be cut to your measurements, this order will be neither exchangeable nor refundable).

11) The order I received does not suit me but I do not want to return it to you either. Can I get a refund or a commercial gesture from you while still retaining my order? No, to obtain the refund of your order, you must first return it to us. If you do not wish to reship your order, we consider that in the end, it suits you. Finally, by logic we advise our customers not to keep an order that does not suit him and rather enjoy the full refund of it.

11) The order I received absolutely does not meet my expectations (different pictures of reality, I do not like the color, the fabric is too thin or too thick, the patterns do not please me, etc ...) What recourse can I get? In this case, do not worry. Solutions are proposed for this type of problem in paragraphs 16, 17 and 20

11) The item I ordered does not match the description: The received article can sometimes be accidentally different from its product description or photos of presentations. However, if you wish to keep this article, do not hesitate to contact us. Notifying us that one of our products does not correspond or little to its description will allow us to correct our mistake.

11) Is the return of an order paying? Yes, the return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    11) How can I return an item and / or an order? To do so, you must imperatively use the services of your post office (We do not work with private carriers).

    • Use an appropriate packaging and return "the" or "items" to be sent back to the address indicated on your delivery note.
    • Shipping terms are at your convenience, note however that no tracking number, nothing can prove your shipment or you certify that we received the returned items.

    * For the sake of clarity, we recommend the return of articles by mail or by registered mail.

    Why? In case of loss of items returned during the re-routing, no tracking number, it will be impossible to find your return package. Or, safter receiving returned items, without proof of your share or even the ability to locate returned items, no item or order will be subject to a refund request.

      11) Your fabrics are sold cheaper elsewhere. If I order in your shop, can I get a discount? Unfortunately no. Our rates between different traders, suppliers and resellers are different because we do not all have the same status of companies or the same fiscal domicile. With the internet, the customer does not necessarily make the difference between the many e-commerce shops at his disposal but in reality, we do not have the same management fees or the same taxes to be charged on our rates. The quality of a product or its particular origin also has a price and even if you find cheaper elsewhere, we will not be able to offer you a discount on the price displayed for these reasons.

      11) I received my order in poor condition, what can I do? You can tell us about a claim. In this case, we ask you to contact us within de 72 maximum hours.

      11) Are orders issued against signatures? Yes, if you choose the shipping method by registered mail.

      • Service orders not delivered against signatures are beyond our control. * We remind our customers that we do not substitute for factor work.

      11) What are your payment methods and who manages the banking data of your customers? We are using Paypal as a payment method but also Apple Pay, American Express and Mastercard and Visa.

      * If you pay a purchase in our shop via Paypal, you pay this purchase to Paypal who then transmits your transfer order. As part of a payment made through Paypal, we do not have access to any of your bank details.

      * If you make a purchase in our shop via a payment method other than PayPal, you pay your purchases encrypted and secure via Shopify which is managed by PCI Security Standards Council. Shopify stores your credit card data that is encrypted via the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Your purchase transaction data is stored only as long as it takes to complete your purchase transaction. When this is complete, your purchase transaction information is deleted. We do not store our customers' banking data and we do not have access to reading the same data.

      For more information, please see our privacy statement in paragraph 4 and 5, which is located You can consult it by clicking here.

      27) LAre international purchases made via Paypal by the customer free of charge? Yes, the transaction fees are free, if the customer Holds a Paypal account.

      • Unlike banks that charge their customers different taxes for a purchase abroad, Paypal does not bill them. It is indeed the seller (us) who will bear all the costs of the transaction.
      • The change of currency, if any, remains with him, at the expense of the customer.
      ** Note: For Paypal customers before validating a purchase abroad, Paypal offers its customers to pay for this purchase either in the local currency of the buyer, or in the local currency of the seller. Depending on the status of your Paypal account, it is possible for the buyer to pay in the currency of his choice.

        11) Can I pay by Paypal without opening a Paypal account? Yes, if you have a bank credit card. In this case, you pay directly to Paypal.

        11) I do not have a Paypal account and I want to pay via Paypal by credit card because I am authorized, will I pay a fee? In this case, if you do not have a Paypal account, we advise you to contact Paypal directly to obtain a safe, clear and detailed answer because it is with Paypal that you make the payment transaction.

        • 30) I did not receive my order at my post office in time, she went back to Japan, what to do?

        • However, you can request a partial refund in the form of a valid credit 1 months. This means that the amount of postage paid during the purchase of your order have already been used, the refund will be partial and because the package has not been received by the buyer, the refund will be in the form of a credit. The shipping costs will be deducted from the amount of your credit. In the same way, if your items have been promoted during your purchases, the amount of the credit amount will be based on the promotional rates you received.
        • If, however, you want us to return your order again, you will have to pay us once again the shipping costs necessary for this routing.

        * The shipping costs to pay us for a new shipment of your order, will be identical to the shipping costs previously paid during the 1er shipping and in accordance with the tariffs of the Japan Post.

        * If during this first shipment, you have benefited from free shipping, we will ask you for this new shipment to pay us the shipping costs corresponding to the total weight of the order and in accordance with the tariffs of the Japan Post. (The total weight of a parcel and its country of dispatch determine the shipping costs to be paid us which are in conformity with the official tariffs of the Japanese post office).

        * If during your purchases you have benefited from a partial assumption of your shipping costs, this time you will have to pay us the total amount of these shipping costs (A copy of the shipping costs actually paid by our services from Japan Post will act as proof of the amount claimed)

          11) I did not receive my notice in my mailbox, I did not know that my order had arrived, so my order went back to Japan, what can I do? It is up to our customers to follow their orders using the tracking numbers that we make available to them by sending orders by mail or by registered mail. Follow-ups are traceable internationally and all over the world from internet, applications, post offices, etc ...

          • We remind our customers that we can not replace the work of the factors concerning the filing of notices of passage nor do we substitute for the vigilance of our customers.

          * However, a solution is proposed for this type of problem in paragraph 30

          11) My order has been received by a person I do not know, can I get a refund or a re-dispatch of my order?? In this case, only the tracking of your order is authentic and we guarantee that our responsibility is no longer committed. If the follow-up of your order indicates that this one has been received, we will not be able to refund your order or proceed to a new forwarding.

          • In the case of a reception by another without addressing error on our part, we remind our customers that we do not substitute the work of the factors

          11) My order was stolen from my mailbox, can I get a refund or re-dispatch of order? In this type of case, the tracking number is the proof, that is to say that it acts as proof concerning the reception or not of your order. Note that a command whose the tracking number indicates that it has been received will in no way be the subject of a complaint for non-reception. For more details, please see the 25 and 32 paragraphs.

          11) My order was opened before I receive it, how is it? An order that has been opened almost always means that it has been subject to customs control. We also bring to your attention that even a small, inexpensive order may be subject to customs controls.

          11) Missing an item in my package, what can I do?? Despite our vigilance and our seriousness,There is an item missing in your order, it will be returned to you at our expense if our availability allow. Otherwise, the missing article will be exchanged with another available article of the same value.

          • In addition, we bring to your attention that unfortunately, we are forced, in order to limit certain abuses, to no longer refund the missing items. If we are unable to return the missing item and you do not want it to be replaced by another, a valid credit in our shop and equivalent value will be proposed last resort and to our sole discretion.

          11) The fabric I received has small printing or weaving defects, can I get a refund? Small printing or weaving defects can be common especially on artisanal fabrics. For a case by case study, please contact us, by following this address: contact@mitsukatta.com

          11) The fabric that I received was badly cut or cut too fair, can I get another fabric or a compensation? We have among our products 25cm adhesive fabrics cut to the millimeter because they are manufactured as well as 50x50cm fabrics.

          As these are pieces of fabrics and not fabrics sold by the cut, the measures indicated on our product sheets are real and without surplus. 1 measure indicated is 1 measure given.

          * In the case of a fabric cut too fair:

          • It is above all a fabric that has been cut to the measures actually indicated, so there is no compensation possible. We emphasize to this effect that it is up to our customers to estimate the length and / or quantity of necessary fabric which it needs and to add in addition the possible margins of cuts, seams, shrinkage and others, .. as well as the surplus of necessary tissues. Finally, if you receive a fabric that does not correspond to the measures stated or chosen, thank you to contact us at this address in order to be able to propose a suitable solution: contact@mitsukatta.com

          11) Satisfactory order but an article does not really meet my requirements, can I get a commercial gesture? In this case, we invite you to consult the paragraph 18 and possibly the paragraph 16.

          11) I want to return my order however, I live far from my post office or I am not conveyed (e), can I keep my order and still get his refund or a commercial gesture? In this case, we invite you to consult the 18 paragraphs.

          40) Je live far from my post office or I am not being transported, can I return my order after the deadline of the conditions return? No. Delivery times returned to the country of receipt of the order must be respected.

          11) I wish to receive free samples without placing an order, can you send me? No, we do not deliver free samples.

          11) I spotted a fabric but I want to receive a sample first, can you send me? Everything depends on our possibilities of the moment.

          We do not always have samples available and if this is the case, it will be provided that the sample available corresponds to the tissue you wish to receive.

          In case of availability, we bring to your attention that the sample that will be sent to you will be as its name indicates a "sample" and that its small size will not allow you to use it later.

          11) I spotted a fabric but I do not know if it could suit my project, what can I do? VoWe can contact you and provide us with the maximum information that you think is important but also send us a photo of the support such as an old armchair to renovate etc ...

          In addition, if you wish, you can also make us a personalized request for 1 lot of fabrics including the different tissues that you have selected by contacting us You can consult it by clicking here. or by writing us an email at this address: contact@mitsukatta.com

          11) Larticle that I spotted is no longer available, can I pre-order it? It is possible but for able to answer this question on a case-by-case basis, please contact us to be informed of the pre-order conditions: contact@mitsukatta.com

          11) The quantities I need are not available, can I contact you to know your next availabilities? Yes, you can contact us at this address: contact@mitsukatta.com

          11) Do your presentation photos reflect the reality of your products? Depending on the calibration of the screens, the colors vary from one device to another. Some colors can saturate more than others like red and pink for example. The dark colors are more contrasting to them. As a result, color perception may be significantly different from reality.

          11) I made a mistake when placing my order, I ordered trop to measure my fabric to my needs, can I turn over my surplus fabric once I cut it? No, if you want to return your fabric, it must be returned to us with its original dimensions.

          11) I was wrong when placing my order, I did not order enough of fabric to my needs, can I return the fabric and place another order? Yes, if the fabric has retained its original dimensions. You can also order only the missing measurement without having to return the previous order.

          11) There is no selvedge (borders) on the fabric I received, is this normal? Yes, if you do not have selvedges on your fabric, it is because you ordered a square of fabric of 25cm, 50cm or 1 meter.

          • Widths (widths) of our tissues can be sometimes very large and beyond two meters fifty. Therefore, cutting a piece of fabric 25, 50cm or 1 meter can be in the middle of this width. Therefore, the fabrics cut in the center of the Width (width) do not have edge (edge).

          11) The bias I received is connected in several pieces, can I be refunded? No, you can not get a refund of your bias because the one has connections.

          • A bias is made of strips of tissue cut in the "diagonal" of it (the stretchy area of ​​the fabric) which allows the bias to round the corners. The width of a fabric is not infinite, to be able to make a bias so you have to connect the strips of tissue between them from end to end and that is the reason that your bias has connections.

          11) The crêpe and / or wrinkled fabric that I ordered you became all smooth after being washed / wet, what happened? Can I restore it to its original form? Unfortunately no, you will not be able to return to your fabric "crepe" its initial appearance because the fabric you bought was a fabric "embossed"(Information specified in the descriptions of the tissues consernés).

          • Embossing or wrinkling the tissuesembossed"is ephemeral if you wet them. * In contact with water, the embossing given to embossed fabrics disappears permanently.
          • This type of fabric is suitable for accessories and interior decoration not requiring washing. For example: hair accessories, book bindings, bags, jewelery or cushion covers NOT removable, etc ...

          * For the same reasons, this type of fabric is NOT suitable for making clothes.

          Finally, we bring to your attention that it is important to read our product descriptions even if they are long and repetitive because these features are clearly specified and help you to guide your choices.

            11) What are the maintenance conditions of your tissues? For all our fabrics, the conditions of maintenance are specified in the descriptions of each our product sheets at the bottom of the page, tab "HOW TO WASH THIS FABRIC".

            • For crepe fabrics embossedNEVER wet these tissues. Dry cleaning is imperative. Proceed directly to the sewing without washing the fabric beforehand. Ironing of this fabric should be done only if necessary and parsimonious. Iron the affected area dry (without vapors or wet pads) without applying pressure to the fabric and briefly. Keep this fabric as flat as possible or wrap around a tube-shaped support.
            • For other woven woven pancake fabrics hollowed out / shaped into small waves. The care precautions are the same as for all our cotton fabrics. Attention however pancake compound with 100% Rayon wavy / wavy weave is coarser and a touch rougher. These pancake fabrics composed with 100% of Rayon retract strongly once wet, which may surprise but resume their original sizes once ironed with steam iron (on the back of the fabric). The strong contraction of weaving on contact with water can weaken seams. Therefore, we advise you to use this fabric in the same conditions of maintenance as a crepe cloth embossed and to proceed directly to the cutting and sewing without going through a preliminary washing of fabric.

            11) I would like to share a suggestion with you, where can I contact you? You can contact us, right here

            11) Where can I find your contact information? Our contact details are specified in our terms and conditions located in tab at the bottom of our home page.

            General Data Protection Regulation »No. 2016 / 679 adopted the 27 April 2016 (hereinafter RGPD)

            11) What personal information we collect? Coordinates personal of our customers we collect include:

            • Your last name, your first name, your postal address and your e-mail address and possibly our telephone number if you communicate it to us voluntarily by mail during our correspondences. (Please note that our forms regarding registration to our site, orders and our Newsletter do not include the insertion of a phone number).

            * If you wish to know in which ways your contact information banking, please see paragraph 26

            11) Why do you collect my personal details? Recall paragraph 55: Regarding our online store www.mitsukatta.com, we collect first and last names, complete postal addresses, e-mail addresses and, where applicable, the telephone numbers of our customers for the following reasons:

            • Your surname, first name and full postal address are collected in order to send you your order and for the purposes of speed in the transcription of your address on the packing slip during a possible future order
            • Your email address is necessary to be able to contact you in order to confirm the payment of your order, confirm the shipping of your order, provide you with your invoice and the tracking number of your order (Reminder, all our shipments are shipped with a tracking number), notify you if there is a problem with the delivery of your order. In addition, we can take the liberty of contacting you if, at first, you have informed us of a particular request. Finally, if you are registered for our Newsletter

            11) On which media do you collect my personal data?

            1. These details are collected online on our customer account opened at Japan Post (Japan Post). In order to speed up the transcription of delivery slips concerning your order, your name and address are collected on this account.
            2. These same coordinates are kept in paper format via the original slips shipping.
            3. In order to process your order and keep your purchase history, a copy of the summary of your order specifying your full name, complete mailing address and email address is kept on our computers. This information is also kept as proof of sale for our tax
            4. Your name, first name, full postal address and email address are collected on our invoices.
            5. Your email address, if you are registered for our Newsletter

            11) How long do you collect my personal data?

            • Collection from Japan Post: Automatic termination of all 100 customers
            • Collection of packing slips: For our taxation, we must keep these slips 7 years
            • Collecting order summaries: 1 year
            • Collecting your email address for correspondence to a specific request: 1 year
            • Collection of invoices: 7 years
            • Collection of telephone numbers: We do not collect phone numbers, except those specified on invoices. In this case, they will be kept on their paper support (invoice) for a duration of 7 years
            • Collecting your e-mail regarding your subscription to our Newsletter: You are canceling this subscription

            11) Can I have a right of access to the collection of my personal details? Yes, you can request that you be provided with a copy of the media on which are transcribed your personal details by contacting us by email at contact@mitsukatta.com

            11) I asked for a right of access to the collection of my personal data, how long can you provide them to me?? We will need a maximum of 15 days to provide you with the collection of your personal data

            However, an exception will be granted to the non-delivery of personal details in the following situations (information cited in the14 article 5 2016 / 679 regulations of the RGPD):

            • Where the provision of such information is impossible where "disproportionate" efforts are required
            • Where obtaining and communicating such information is already provided for by Community law or by the law of a Member State
            • Where the data are subject to an obligation of confidentiality with regard to professional secrecy

            11) With which third parties do you share my personal data? Your personal details regarding your name, first name and postal address are shared privately and not publicly accessible with:

            • Japanese Post (Japan Post) because we ship our orders via Japan's postal services
            • Paypal (for Paypal users)
            • Shopify Secure Payment Gateway for people who pay for their purchases made in our shop with a credit card

            11) Are my personal details transferred to the cloud or forwarded to a third party service?? No,

            • We do not share and we do not transfer the personal details of our customers to the Cloud
            • We do not share and we do not transfer the personal details of our customers to other organizations

            11) Can I request the deletion of the collection of my personal details? Yes, you can ask for suppression collecting your contact information by writing to us at contact@mitsukatta.com

            * Note that only invoices and packing slips can not be deleted because they are official documents that are necessary for our taxation and must be kept 7 years.

            11) Can I oppose the collection of my personal details? Yes, you have the possibility to indicate your opposition to the collection of your contact information in writing, by contacting us via our email address: contact@mitsukatta.com

            * Note that for our tax and legal proof of our sales, your personal details can not be removed from our invoices or our original packing slip before a period of 7 years gone by

            Moreover, in case of doubt about the deletion of your personal details, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

            11) Does your search algorithm perform automated decision making on your customers' profiling?? No, our search algorithm is only optimized for searching for keyword articles available for sale in our online store www.mitsukatta.com Our algorithm does not seek in any case a profiling of our customers.